Monday, 10 August 2015

Home again!

Great to be safely back home in East Norfolk: obviously I'll miss the radically different flora and fauna, and regret not adding Cirl Bunting to the self-photographed list, but I shan't miss the smell of the calves and their ordure just outside the bedroom window!

Cirls? What a laugh! I took advice from the RSPB and a few local birders, all of whom said Broadsands and Berry Head were '...dead certs, even in the Summer!' With fond memories of easy-to-locate CBs at Prawle Point (with Martin & Linda back in the Scillonian Pelagic days!) we spent hours prowling a car park and the hedgerows at Berry Head, only to be told (eventually!) by the warden that he hadn't seen a CB at either place for months!

Couple of photos: Linda's Gems at Sidmouth seafront, our stall at the Astronomy Fair and the cute - but olfactorally challenging - calves!

The guitarist was the musical highlight of Folk Week for me: just the best slide player I've heard, even when performing on a three-string cigar box! Ry Cooder meets Robert Johnson....

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