Saturday, 29 August 2015

Purple Hairstreaks at the Showground and a couple of real Jobsworths!

A morning at the garden show at the NSG was not entirely devoid of interest: Lin and I enjoyed close views of at least three Purple Hairstreaks: two around a large Oak, one around a Sweet Chestnut.

Other interest came from a couple of fly-over Buzzards and a number of both Brown and Migrant Hawkers.

Only thing that spoiled a pleasant interlude were two incredibly 'jobsworth' car parking attendants (both females held together with piercings and tattoos.)

Since no-one was taking card payments (welcome to the 21st Century, traders!) and there was no ATM on-site, we had to get a pass out and go to Sainsbury's for cash. When we returned, the two attendants tried to make us park about half a mile from the entrance. I was very polite (unusually for me!) and explained we'd only be two seconds: we just wanted to pay a vendor. I pointed out that the space I'd just vacated was still empty, but was told that '...spaces near the entrance are kept free for disabled drivers'. Again, very politely, I pointed out that there had been in excess of 30 vacant spaces right by the entrance and lots more in the row I'd just left: the front row for those with blue cards was still half empty. One of the attendants then said that she'd filled all those. I pointed out that this wasn't the case. In the end, frustrated and angry, I drove around in the direction they indicated, but carried on to the rows near the gate. I counted (and photographed!) 42 spaces in the first three rows.

The more aggressive of the attendants waddled across and started ranting and raving: no amount of calm logic would shut her up: she was still banging on about taking my car number and reporting me (To whom??? For what??? Re-occupying the space I'd left three minutes earlier?) when Linda came back. A group of other drivers (one of whom was a blue-badger!) gave us a supporting round of applause as we drove off: they were saying much ruder things about the attendants than I did!
What is it with people that they turn into d*cks when you give them a hi-vis jacket and armband?

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