Monday, 17 August 2015

Winterton wanderings: dragonfly help wanted!

Brian and I spent a sunny - but very windy - day in the North Dunes.

Despite being 'on the birdmap' the Red-backed Shrike was (according to the NWT warden) long gone.. One piece of information, though, was that he'd watched several Common Hawkers emerging at the Kidney Pool the previous day. We spent two half-hour sessions scrutinising every rush stem: no Common Hawkers and no Southern Emeralds, just a handful of Emerald Damsels and four exuvia that looked promising. (Help!)

Several families of Stonechats (several with leg-irons) and lots of Buzzards, including a group of five.

Last stop was Upton Fen. Here I'm 90% certain we saw at least two Common Hawkers in flight, as well as dozens of Browns, Southerns and Migrants. Also: an intriguing Darter with yellow veins and tangerine patches. (Help!)


James Emerson said...

Hi David.

I can't be of particular help, but a few points. Damselfly exuvia would require expert input to ID. There is a book that covers them, but as Southern Emerald is a very recent colonist it probably would need a European guide to even include it.

Re. the darter. The colour to the leading edge of the wing is interesting, but ideally you'd want to look at it in conjunction with views from above and the side. The eyes look the wrong colour for Red-veined, and the bases of the wings don't look yellow-enough for Yellow-veined, so that leaves Common, Ruddy and Vagrant.

David said...

Hi James!
The exuvia was a big: around 4 - 5 cm: I wondered if it might have been from a Common Hawker.
I'd eliminated Red-veined (seen lots!) but I've never seen a Yellow-winged....

Thanks for taking the time to reply!