Sunday, 31 August 2014

A walk around the village...

As you may know (and can see from the pictures below!) Blofield Heath / Hemblington is a truly delightful place for a wildlife enthusiast to live. As well as the acres of cereals that attract finches, buntings and Turtle Doves, there are several copses and pieces of woodland, including the newly established Jary's Wood, Adam's Wood and Millennium Wood.

A walk around these yesterday revealed clouds of Migrant Hawkers and Ruddy / Common Darters as well as plenty of butterflies, including this pair of Green-veined Whites.

Other interest came in the form of  'our' flock of Guinea Fowl, which seem to have had a good breeding season, several pairs of Sparrowhawks and a Hobby.

Last mystery: what is the significance of this strange piece of sculpture in Adam's Wood?


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