Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Walsham Fen

I finally took a look at my nearest nature reserve: the tiny Walsham Fen. Reached either by a one kilometre walk north from Hemblington Church or a much shorter one (but with no parking!) from Panxworth, the potential of this somewhat overgrown Fen seems considerable.

It is maintained by Blofield & District Conservation Group (BADCOG) who mow the reeds and remove invasive shrubs as part of a regular, rolling programme. They have laid a boardwalk around the entire reserve and built a viewing screen, both of which features wouldn't be out of place at a larger reserve.

Unfortunately (as the following images show only too plainly) apart from a delightful little brook, there is no longer any open water to attract the Kingfishers, Snipe and voles that have apparently occurred in the past. There were a few Ringlets and Meadow Browns as well as a handful of odonata, but I doubt if the previous records of fifteen species of butterfly and ten of dragonfly are realistic at the moment.

Nevertheless, this bijou reserve (3.7 acres) has some terrific flora and is well worth a visit: take your insect spray, though, and wear long trousers: the nettles are everywhere!

This and the previous image are of the boardwalk!

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