Thursday, 25 February 2016

Great Grey Shrike at Santon Downham....

...but no-one to share him with!

Both my usual birding companions were, for various reasons, not able to come out to play today. I worked until 10 am and then thought 'Oh blow it (or something similar!) I'll go solo!' My reasons for preferring company when out birding are manifold, but include:

* What if anything happened to me out in the wilds somewhere? (I am 65, after all!)
* I enjoy birds more when I have someone to share them with
* Brian tells me what settings I need on the camera!
* Martin keeps me  up to date politically!

However, I had a most enjoyable couple of hours down in the Brecks, starting at Grimes Graves (from where all birds seemed to have disappeared!) before moving to Santon Downham. As I was walking down to the road bridge to look for Grey Wagtails, I met a friendly lady birder who told me the Great Grey Shrike was showing really well in its usual spot by the railway underpass. Pausing only to offer thanks, I reversed direction and soon found the Shrike sitting distantly on top of a bush. Instead of chasing it, I waited and was rewarded when it flew right up to me!

Having an hour to spare before needing to get home to start dinner, I decided to finish off at Lynford. No Haws, but a nice female Great Spotted Woodpecker and a confiding flock of Siskins...


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