Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Pintard! And a kettle over the Heath...

Having not enjoyed a walk for nearly a week, I dropped in at the Fen this morning: very little about other than lots of ducks and Marshies (including the well-known dark individual) and a Little Egret.

It was a pleasant surprise to bump into Brian: we walked around the western half of the reserve together, commentating on the absolutely appalling state of the paths. Those that aren't closed for bank repairs are almost too muddy to negotiate...

I needed to visit the Post Office, so left Brian to log out and drove to Thorpe Green, where I quickly located the famous 'Whitlingham Lane Pintard' - a strangely attractive Pintail / Mallard hybrid. Interesting that its characteristics are inherited from the male of the two species! I'm not by any means an expert in duck genetics, but this suggests that females carry a full set of male plumage genes.

Arriving home and starting work in the office, I heard the familiar call of a Buzzard over the garden. Rushing out into the garden, I found group of three displaying together. While I was aiming the camera my kind neighbour Sue 'phoned to tell me about them! One bird was a lovely pale individual.

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