Friday, 12 February 2016

The joys of gardening!

After two days of fine weather, I was able to give the lawn its first cut of the year: actually a more pleasant experience than you might imagine!

A glance up caused me to rush in for the camera to photograph a low-flying Buzzard: I still enjoy seeing these wonderful birds, even if they are a lot more common these days.


Sue Spooner Rowe said...

Whilst on the subject of gardening! Calling all who like to clip and hack back the undergrowth. We are having a work party at Hemblington Churchyard to smarten up the area before the birds start to nest. This will be on Thursday 18th February from 10 am to 12 noon. Refreshments provided. Bring along gloves, shears, secateurs, and any other handy tools you may have. All help welcome. If the weather is bad we will reconvene on Saturday 5th March at 10 am. Joyce B and Susan Rowe

David said...

Talking of hacking: you seem to have hacked my blog, Sue! LOL!
We'll see how things go this week...