Monday, 15 February 2016

Trying hard to save an old friend...

We've had our 'company van' for more than ten years, clocking up nearly 100,000 miles. Like Trigger's broom, it contains hardly any of the original LDV Cub as which it started life, but it has been a great servant, taking us all over France on birding / gastronomic trips as well as carrying Linda and me (and, often,  our famous 'Space Station' marquee) to airshows and meteorite events around the UK.

We've birded all over the UK in the van, from Yorkshire to Devon, secure in the knowledge that anything locked in the back was protected with strong security features.

Recently I noticed that the steering was becoming stiff, so booked in to the local garage: they quickly diagnosed that a new steering rack was required. Horror of horrors! The item is no longer manufactured! After exhaustive searches, I found a supplier of reconditioned units who will deliver to Norfolk. Fingers crossed: I'm hoping that the van, Linda and I have a lot more adventures ahead of us....

Sailly Bray, Picardie

Loaded up at Autographica

The offending item!

Wells Beach

Le Touquet

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