Friday, 30 June 2017

Great session at the Fen!

When I saw this dark raptor at the Fen this morning, everything seemed right for it to be a (somewhat tatty!) Black Kite: greyish head, yellowish, dark-tipped bill, yellow legs, slightly forked barred tail (unfortunately not obvious in the photos) pale wing patches. On reflection, it's more likely to be a very dark Marsh Harrier I guess...

A brief run around this morning (I had to be back to receive some parcels) turned out to be surprisingly productive, with excellent close views of some good butterflies, dragonflies and - courtesy of the thoughtful reserve staff - moths! Posting photos of a couple of the White Admirals I saw today is a little like rubbing salt in friends Sue and Peter's wounds, but that isn't the intention. honestly! Several people pointed out this pair of Common Emeralds as Willows: nothing I could say seemed to change their opinions!

Terrific to find a couple of tubby little Swallowtail caterpillars and a Kingfisher too!



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