Friday, 9 June 2017

For your diary: dragonfly talk and walk at Upton

You couldn't meet a nicer, more hard-working bunch than the Bure Valley Conservation Group. Despite their name, they undertake habitat and maintenance projects all over east Norfolk, from cleaning out ponds and dykes to cutting back reeds and rank vegetation.

Now and again they ask me to give a talk, usually - but not always - about local wildlife. Next Wednesday, June the 14th, my topic will be 'Dragonflies and damselflies of Norfolk'. The venue is Upton village hall - details here. As far as I'm aware, the talk is open to anyone and will be followed by a walk around Upton Fen (one of the top Odonata sites in Norfolk) to see how many species we can find! The Fen is also fantastic for butterflies, birds and wild flowers, so we generally manage to find something for everyone!

The presentation is aimed at all levels of previous knowledge and consists of me rabbiting on over a powerpoint of all recorded Norfolk species, how to recognise them and where and when to see them!


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