Saturday, 3 June 2017

Frogs, Hobbies and gardening!

Gardens - even smallish ones like ours - take a fair bit of maintenance, from trimming the neighbours' p*xy Leylandii hedge, to mowing the lawn to keeping the filters in our two water features free from gunge and refilling the feeders!

Having said which, '...a garden is a lovesome thing, God wot' as Thomas Edward Brown somewhat pretentiously penned a hundred and odd years ago: there are always things to see, do and marvel at.

Today Linda and I spent a couple of hours in the sunshine and were rewarded by a pair of Common Frogs mating in the pond (bit late, I'd've thought!) a Hobby dashing about after dragonflies, the usual pair of Buzzards and our personal murmuration squabbling over the water bath!

Fascinating to reflect on how the mild weather has produced vast amounts of flowers on our palms and cordylines: we might be harvesting dates in a few years!

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