Thursday, 8 June 2017

Osprey, Kites and White Stork: an amazing 'kettle' in the Yare Valley.

On my way to the cash and carry, I stopped off at Strumpshaw for an hour or two: a good decision, as it transpired!
In Fen Hide I bumped into Kevin Fulcher, one of the regulars, who had taken some excellent photos of an Osprey just before I arrived - I began to think that casting my vote on the way might have cost me a decent photo opportunity!

After a while (enlivened by a Heron spearing a beautifully-coloured Rudd) I decided on a walk to Tower Hide and back. Stopping at the sluice, I scanned across towards Surlingham and was amazed to see a 'kettle' made up of 7 Red Kites with the Osprey, several Marsh Harriers a White Stork and a couple of Hobbies! The species are barely discernible in the photos, but with binoculars were easily recognisable.

I retraced my steps and carried on to the water pump, sitting for ten minutes in the hope the Osprey might come closer: it did! Having apparently crossed the river by the sluice, the Osprey drifted towards me, but was intercepted by a female Marsh Harrier and driven off. Still: I managed some half-decent records shots...

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