Tuesday, 20 June 2017

The early worm gets the birds! Terrific morning at the Fen

I'm always amazed that just as I'm leaving Strumpshaw Fen, the 'normal' visitors begin to arrive. Although it's not always the case, generally speaking all the best bird opportunities are from dawn until 9.00am. As the sun climbs higher, everything fades away into the woodland to doze! This is not, of course, the case with butterflies and dragonflies: but even they become hyperactive and more difficult to see (or photograph) as the day warms up.

Today was no exception: a 7.00am start produced excellent views of Marsh Harriers, Kingfishers (2!) a Barn Owl and - perhaps most unexpected - a Turtle Dove that flew towards Fen Hide and off to the north.

Brians Shreeve and Tubby were good company and we enjoyed watching the White Admirals in the woodland. I carried on to Rollesby, where I 'enjoyed' fleeting views of the Lesser Emperor and better ones of a pair of food-passing Buzzards. On the way home the resident Yellow Wagtails were enjoying the spray from a potato irrigator: great to have these as Heath regulars!

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