Tuesday, 11 July 2017

A good year for Marsh Harriers

Good thing there are no Grouse shoots in Norfolk: left in peace with plenty of suitable habitat in East Norfolk the Marsh Harrier population is steadily rising. I recall a time - probably thirty years ago - when the winter roost at Strumpshaw was predominantly Hen Harriers: how things have changed.

Today there were several family groups of Marshies as well as singletons patrolling the reed beds: food-passes were still taking place, so presumably there might be further broods to come. Other interesting birds included the regular Sparrowhawk, a few Common Terns and a very confiding Reed Warbler.

After yesterday's all-day failure with the clearwing lures at Strumpshaw, Brian Shreeve and I had a bash at the Hornets: no joy there either 😞 so I returned home to catch up with business. As I worked at the PC, I glanced through the office window to see our 'pet' Hummingbird Hawkmoth: he's been with us for over a fortnight now, and strangely seems to appear just before heavy rain!

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