Saturday, 1 July 2017


A posting by my FB friend 'Paleo Paul' brought back a memory fifty five years old!

When I was about ten, I discovered these three books in 'Caxton Bookshop' on Romford Market. They were fifteen bob (75p) each: my pocket money was 10p a week at the time. My Dad organised a deal with the shopkeeper: I gave him all my pocket money and my Dad matched it. It should have taken four and a half months to pay off, but after twelve weeks the shopkeeper presented the books to me! (I've always suspected my Mum and Dad paid off the balance!)

These three books by the authors Augusta & Burian and 'On the Track of Unknown Animals' by Heuvelmans were a major influence in my life then and now! (That and my Biology teacher Val Bragg!)


Johnny Prochera said...

Fascinating books -I was the same as a child, trying to get strange and old books on dinosaurs and animals

David said...

I think books like these set many kids off on a lifetime voyage through Biology / Geology / Palaeontology...
The first 'grown up' book I ever had was 'Journey to the Centre of the Earth', which I got from Santa Claus in Romford Co-op because it had a Plesiosaur on the cover! Santa wasn't best pleased!