Monday, 17 July 2017

Small Red-eyed Damselfly: a Fen year tick! Lots of other surprises too!

I had a few items to post today, so I carried on to Buckenham for a walk down to the river (more in hope than expectation!) picking up some nice Linnets on the way. I have to say: whoever decided to build the 'birdwatching hide' half a mile from the scrape must have been pretty clueless. No mud at the Fen, so no waders, while at Buckenham there were Ruff, Black-tailed Godwits (60+) Avocets and what were probably Dunlin: but everything is too far away for decent scope views! It's like looking at the centre scrapes at Cley from the windows of the Reserve Centre! I took a few record shots and enjoyed chatting to a couple of Brian's neighbours walking their improbably-named dog Anys!

Walking back to the station, I drove round to the level crossing and took the short walk onto the reserve. Quite quickly I added Red Kite (2), Buzzard (4) and Green Woodpecker, the latter infuriatingly in dark shadow. In the 'fritillary glade' I sat and watched for a while, chatting with a Fen regular, Adrian (but not that Adrian!)

After a while, I carried on round to the new dipping pond and hung out the appropriate pheromone: you won't be surprised to hear that, in an hour and a half, nothing showed any interest in them! I did watch a delightful young Bank Vole, a Common Emerald and a female  Banded Demoiselle. I also saw, but didn't photograph, a Willow Emerald.

Last stop was Reception, where a pair of recently-fledged Sparrowhawks were enjoying the Sun, while two mint-fresh Small Red-eyed Damselflies rested on the old dipping pool.

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