Friday, 14 July 2017

Still Humming! And a shout out to Essex Astronomers!

I sat down at my PC this morning, looked through the window and there he was! Our delightful visitor is still here after nearly a month: great stuff! And why wouldn't he be? Linda's shrewd planting ensures that there are always plenty of nectar-rich flowers in the garden all summer...

The jam session at the Heathlands Beer Festival was thoroughly enjoyable, with a guest appearance by the inimitable Garth 'Flyman' Coupland! (One minor niggle: considering there were musicians / singers from half a dozen of Norfolk's best-loved bands giving up the whole evening for nothing, I would have thought a 'thankyou' might have been in order!)

Tomorrow I'm giving a lecture 'Comets and Extinction Events' at Starfest in Chelmsford: I'll be flogging meteorites too, so if you're desperate to own a chunk of outer space, do pop in!

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