Saturday, 22 July 2017

'Tree Fair' at Strumpshaw Hall

Linda had seen this curiously-named event advertised and, interested in gardening as we both are, we thought it might be worth a look. In the event, the eight pound entry fee each was a bit of a rip off: most of the stalls were aging hippies selling cr*p, while the few wood carvers attending were charging top prices but didn't take card payment: welcome to the modern world, guys!

However: a couple of traders made all the difference: one guy was selling excellent wicker-work bird sculptures (of which we bought two!) and another - Panache Plants - had a fabulous stock of unusual specimens: air plants, sensitive Mimosa and insectivorous plants. Since these were all hardy, I bought a good number to add to the collection.

I attach photos of Panache Plants delightful display! (Oh! Amazing to bump into David and Jane Dibb, with whom I used to work at a school in Yarmouth)

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