Monday, 3 July 2017

White Admiral: unblocked for Sue!

This is the denouement of yesterday's post! Having enjoyed a fantastic morning session at Minsmere with Linda, which gave us Purple Heron, Broad-bordered Bee Hawkmoth, Bee Wolf, 'Weevil Wolf', Six-banded Clearwing, Hobby, Mediterranean Gulls (with chicks!) and both Southern and Migrant Hawker, we met Sue and Peter for lunch at the Parrot and Punchbowl at Aldringham. (FWIW, I highly recommend this delightful pub: the food was excellent and they have non-alcoholic beers!) I had to break it gently to Sue about having seen two White Admirals on the Buddleia at Minsmere, but she was her usual philosophical self, having enjoyed driving around Suffolk on a quest for old Black Poplar trees.

After lunch, we piled into our car and drove the short distance to North Warren RSPB reserve: I have to say, it took all our cartographical talents to find the tiny car park! Linda and I had never visited before (although I've found my way in from the beach side a couple of times) so we had no idea what to expect. To be honest, the reserve promised much but delivered little more than the Yellowhammer depicted on the notice at the entrance. Still, we trudged right round in a circle, with a tangential deviation towards the sea: it was here (among all the Commas and Meadow Browns) that Linda suddenly picked out a White Admiral feeding on bramble flowers! Needless to say, Sue was delighted!

As we continued our walk we came across a Norfolk Hawker, several Marsh Harriers and a Hobby: I should imagine there could well be other interesting things lurking there that we missed.

Last stop was a piece of protected woodland where Purple Emperors can be relied upon: not when you arrive at 4.30 as the clouds roll over, however! We did see lots more Purple Hairstreaks and - you've guessed it! - Sue found her own White Admiral! Great way to finish the day!

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