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Thursday, 1 August 2013

A walk at Winterton: lots of Emeralds, but were any Southern?

Lots of teneral dragons: think I got these right, but I reckon I saw a Common Hawker too - no picture, sadly. Dark Green Fritillary still and a couple of Red Kites distantly over the woods. I think all the Emeralds were commons, but one or two seemed to have bicoloured pterostigma.... What was fairly irritating is that RBA had 'Two Southern Emeralds at North Pool Winterton' when I returned home. Now I spent over an hour at the pool: I saw and photographed a dozen Emeralds, but none seemed conclusively Southern. I wonder just how reliable the report was: and where are the photos?

Migrant Hawker

Black-tailed Skimmer?





Red Kite

Another Red Kite!

Dark Green Fritillary

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