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Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Masterchef: a travesty!

Firstly, can I apologise for the absence of any bird-related posts recently? I've been in bed with a bad cold for a couple of days and - with the big music quiz on Saturday - I didn't dare risk a day out with Brian and Norman!

Tonight, for a bit of light relief, I watched 'Professional Masterchef' and, IMHO, any pretence of equity and impartiality went right out of the window. A 'chef' who had never even seen an artichoke and who had no idea how to prepare or cook one - nor a beurre noisette - went through to the next round on the basis of a soggy choux bun. Meanwhile, a real chef, who was told that her skills test was faultless, cooked a delightful signature dish, but was sent home because her plate was 'a little crowded'.

What amazes me is how cooks with only basic skills dare participate in this programme: anyone watching tonight's edition would be appalled to see the lack of skills of so-called 'Chefs de Cuisine' and 'Head Sous-Chefs' who are putting out food at £60 a plate in their 'home' restaurants.

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