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Thursday, 7 November 2019

Big Brother comes to call!

My elder brother Rob lives in Kent and has been a globe-trotting scientist all his life (so far!) For this reason, we don't get together very often, but today (since he was in the area visiting friends) he and his lovely wife Michelle called in for lunch.

We had a fine old time reminiscing about our upbringing in the East End of London and shared photos of our latest avian finds. As you'll see below, Rob has treated himself to the new Nikon 500mm 5.6 prime. Somehow he jumped the waiting list at his local London Camera Exchange and obtained one straight away! He let me have a try: what a fabulous piece of kit!

After he and Michelle left, I tried various combinations of lenses on tonight's waxing Moon: the 300 prime and 1.4 converter still produced the best results...

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