Saturday, 25 October 2014

Rough leg!

What a gorgeous morning! Linda and I decided to celebrate by doing our shopping at ASDA in Yarmouth, mainly because that allowed us to walk along the north shore where several Rough-legged Buzzards had been reported.

Two miles along, the only birds we'd seen were dozens of really confiding Little Egrets: always a joy. Half a mile further on we found Dave Holman and a few of the old guard (One middle-aged couple never says hello, despite having spent an hour chatting to Linda & me at the fabled Naumann's Thrush!) They pointed out a couple of RLBs perched on the bank a mile further on, so, in the absence of any attempt at conversation, we continued westwards.

Just as got within binocular range, a pair of walkers flushed both birds. They have as much right to be there as us, but it was frustrating!
After a short scan we turned back for the long return walk: virtually everyone else seemed to have left. Suddenly we picked out a well-marked bird approaching from the north east. As it grew nearer, it attracted the attention of firstly a Peregrine, then a Kestrel: talk about fighting above your weight!

Halfway back we bumped into Steve Smith and Dot Machin: what a delightful & knowledgeable couple! Fortunately, one of the RLBs decided to fly by so we could share the moment with them!

OK: the photos aren't great, but they were a pleasing reward for persistence and the readiness to walk a few miles!


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