Thursday, 17 September 2015

Little Stints at Titchwell: but no Osprey!

Brian and I decided to enjoy the last of the summer weather at Titchwell, where an Osprey has been lingering for several days.

We started at Choseley, where the Osprey has been roosting, but drew a blank and moved to Titchwell. Only the first (freshwater) pool had any exposed mud, which had attracted a decent flock of Dunlin, among which I located a couple of Little Stints. One of these was a real corker in gorgeous plumage: the other was slightly drabber. A spoonbill and Peregrine flew over and a baby Smooth Newt (?) wombled across the path, but with little else to look at we moved to the beach. Apart from a nice flock of Sanderling and a few Sandwich Terns & Gannets, this was pretty barren, so we walked back for lunch and a chat with Sue Bryan. On the way we noticed a male Chinese Water Deer by the path: if you've ever wondered what their tusks are for, look at his ears and back!

A move to Thornham Harbour (via Choseley!) produced a few Curlew and other Common Waders, while a coffee stop at Cley (and a walk out to the Centre Hides) was totally unproductive.

Great day out, though: always good to see unusual waders so well....

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