Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Black Brant and Snow Buntings at Cley...

With no-one available to come out to play (!) I drove to the coast and around to Cley, stopping to seawatch at Walcott, Bacton and Sheringham on the way. A few Gannets, auks and divers were about the best I could manage, but after coffee at Cley reserve centre, I thought I might as well take a walk along the East Bank. I'm glad I did! In exactly the same place as last year (about half a mile east of the end of the EB) I found a flock of around 60 Snow Buntings: absolutely stunning, with a few bright males to enjoy!

On the way back to the van, I came across a pair of Stonechats, including a delightfully confiding female as well as a couple of Little Egrets.

I thought I might as well have another bash at the Black Brant and pulled over in the little parking area near the new hide: the first and closest bird was the Brant!

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