Friday, 13 November 2015

Odds and ends at a (very windy!) Strumpshaw Fen.

I was intending to have a day on the North Coast with Martin, but:
a) The weather forecast was dire
b) I couldn't contact him!
In the end I spent much of the day catching up with office work and cooking an Indian for Lin & me to curl up with in front of the TV tonight.

Since I had to post some meteorites this morning, I carried on to the Fen for a rapid circuit: nothing spectacular, but - as always - enough delightful resident birds to make the walk enjoyable: Buzzards and Marsh Harriers being harassed by Carrion Crows, Little Egrets and a pair of Stonechats. Back home a Great Spotted Woodpecker perched briefly on a telephone pole at the end of the road...

(Wish I'd known there was a Waxwing in Hall Road for the past three days: that's right by where Linda works...)

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