Friday, 20 November 2015

Too old to Rock & Roll?

Sudden epiphany at the Heathlands Beer Festival last night: I was playing music I love and work hard at (Stones, Seager, Spencer Davis, Clapton etc) and the 'audience' was totally indifferent to the whole thing: they seemed to prefer poorly-played renditions of Wurzels, Lonnie Donnegan and Ralph McTell numbers.

What, I wondered, was the point of the couple of hours practice every day  and continual effort of bringing new material to the weekly jam sessions, when the tastes of those 'enjoying' four hours free entertainment last night seemed to centre around  'Have you got a light boy?' or 'Wagonwheels'. FFS!

Time to put my Fender Strat (1987, US Standard, immaculate in hard case) and Fender Super 60 (US: excellent condition) up for sale. Offers invited!


Faerie Son said...

Could it be X-factor lowest common denominator mentality kicking in?

Jim said...

What's the point? Because you enjoy it and it celebrates quality music. A few people in Blofield are not a barometer for music appreciation David! I'd hang onto it, plenty of local venues would enjoy your set list!

David said...

You're probably right guys.... Thanks for the input.
Anyone know of a decent jam session in the Norwich area?