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Saturday, 12 January 2019

Hooded Crow, Taigas and a dodgy White Stork: keeping it local!

Needing a bit of cheering up, I took a short drive around East Norfolk, intending to have a look at the Tundra Beans at Stokesby. Unfortunately these seemed to have moved on, but an unringed White Stork was interesting (although far too close to Thrigby for comfort!)

Mautby pig fields held two apparent Hooded Crows: these are generally considered to be hybrids, but are always good to see. Nearby a pair of Buzzards displayed over the woods: amazing how we've come almost to expect these delightful birds whenever we're out and about in Norfolk. It's only a few years ago they were very noteworthy in the eastern counties.

Last stop was the railway platform at Buckenham. From this well-known vantage point I managed some distant shots of a group of 15 or so Taiga Bean Geese, as well as over 100 Whitefronts. Pinkfeet flew over in skeins of several hundred...




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