Sunday, 6 January 2019

Interesting gull!

I've just had some feedback from Steve Smith about the putative American Herring Gull found by Ian Brittain at Ludham Airfield. Steve makes the point that the bird looked good for an AHG until it flew, showing too much white on its tail. Steve knows a lot more about gulls than I do, but I've had a good look online: the site below has some terrific photos, a few of which show more white on the tail than Ian's bird:

Gulls to the Horizon

I repost a few of my photos that seem to show that the rump and tail are quite well marked: certainly not pure white...


Steve Smith said...

Hi Dave, not too experience with AMG, but I believe it is the juv/1st winters that have an all black tail, which I thought this bird was. As for moult sequences I know nowt ;-) But who knows? Cheers Steve.

David said...

Who indeed!? ;)