Monday, 21 January 2019

Red-necked Grebe, Smew and Barn Owl (and a couple of oddities)

Following the disappointment of today's lunar eclipse, I treated myself to a drive out to Filby to look for the recently-reported Red-necked Grebe at Ormesby Little Broad.

When I arrived I quickly realised that virtually the whole broad was frozen solid, with just a tiny strip of open water about half a mile away. Fortunately a local birder was on the bridge with a telescope: he'd already located the Grebe and let me watch it for a few minutes. I tried a few photos, but the range (and haze) made the results less than impressive! I think the first picture shows the RNG! I walked through the woods to the platform and quickly refound the redhead Smew I had seen before Christmas: again, it was dreadfully far away! One interesting bird was a juvenile gull, which in some of my (distant) photos seemed a candidate for Glaucous. Having sent an image to RBA, I realised that one of the three or four I took appeared to show dark primaries: through bins that hadn't been the case.

I drove home via Ludham, stopping briefly to enjoy a beautiful Barn Owl hunting over the scrubby fields by the Bridge, as well as a nicely-marked Buzzard at Coldharbour Farm that looked quite good for Rough-legged: never saw its tail....

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