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Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Ring-necked Duck, Tree Sparrows and more Corn Buntings than I've ever seen!

Linda, Brian and I took a pleasant drive through the rush hour traffic to Welney, arriving just before the reserve opened. This allowed us exclusive access to a lovely flock of around 30 Tree Sparrows, beautifully lit by the morning sunlight.

After a few minutes we were able to enter the reserve and stroll across the bridge to the main hide, where we quickly located the long-staying Ring-necked Duck. As usual, he was dozing with his distinctive bill tucked under his wing, but the bright triangle in front of his wing made this welcome year-tick very easy to pick out. We enjoyed watching and photographing the wild Swans, before taking a walk around to look for the White Stork and Great White Egret which have been recently present: no sign...

After lunch we drove a few miles to enjoy views of the largest flock of Corn Buntings I've ever seen: well over a hundred birds, with a few Yellowhammers and Fieldfares for good measure. A great day out!

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