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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Morning at Winterton....

Never say "never again!" It was such a lovely morning, I thought I'd have a last crack at Winterton (until next time!) The journey was enlivened by close views of a Buzzard at Martham: why it should be collecting straw is a bit of a mystery!

I started at the Totem Pole bushes, where a good search turned up nothing! Certainly no sign of the Barred Warbler reported online. The walk north to the blocks was looking bleak until I caught sight of a falcon coming in from the sea heading west towards Somerton. It was very dark above and below and seems to have red legs in one of the poor photos I managed

The kidney pool proved barren yet again, so I carried on to the North Woods, hoping a few migrants might have hung around. If they did, I didn't find them! The only passerines I saw were families of Stonechats, a couple of Wheatears and a female Blackcap.

Heading south, I noticed a largish dark dragonfly approaching at knee-height along the path: another Common Hawker! The dilemma is always 'Do I look with my bins or try for a photo?' I looked: it was! Still: at least I've finally connected with a couple in Norfolk!


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