Thursday, 12 February 2015

Great White Egrets at Lakenheath

Brian, Norman and I spent a morning in the Brecks: firstly at Linford Arboretum (where Siskin, Great Spotted Woodpecker and Grey Wagtail were the best birds on offer!) before moving to Lakenheath Fen.

The day was still gloomy and overcast, making photography very difficult, but we soon located one and then two Great White Egrets. At first these were some distance away across the far side of the Washes, but one, more obliging individual flew up and northwards to the river bank, giving us great flight views. It settled on the edge of the river next to a Little Egret, allowing a fascinating comparison in size and structure.

The first two Egret shots are Brian Tubby's, just to show the bird really well (and also demonstrate the difference in results between my £1000 Pentax / Sigma set-up and his Nikon outfit, which set him back around eight times that amount!)

If you've never visited Lakenheath RSPB reserve, can I recommend it most strongly: it's a fabulous, friendly place with quality birding all year round!

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