Friday, 27 February 2015

What Larks!

Since the day dawned bright, sunny and calm, I couldn't resist a quick run down to the Brecks: this is the time of year when good weather often encourages Goshawks to display. In the event - despite a seven mile hike around 'The Farms' - I never had a sniff!

Lots of Buzzards and Kestrels found the weather conducive to soaring, but not a single accipitor. I remember when Mayday was a cinch for both Gos & Sprawk: in the days when Linda & I made videos, we never failed to see both every visit.....

Some recompense came in the form of ground views of half a dozen Woodlarks and flight views of perhaps ten more. They were quite hard to photograph because of the constant overflight of pairs of F15s, which put the Larks up every time!

Couple of interesting sightings: another dead Polecat, this time just before Snetterton Circuit and, crossing a forest ride, what looked incredibly like a Pine Marten: except they don't occur in Norfolk!

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