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Saturday, 8 February 2020

Horsey / Winterton: a long walk for very little!

With the weather tomorrow predicted to be apocalyptic, I thought I'd better put in a few miles today., After breakfast I drove to the Nelson's Head turnoff, parked and walked the couple of miles to the 'Plantation'. On the way I passed several photogenic young seals actually by the dune-top path: there were hundreds of adults on the edge of the surf, as well as the predictable dogs / kids / weekend toggers and so on who just couldn't prevent themselves from getting up close and personal...

Plenty of Linnets, Stonechats and Meadow Pipits, as well as couple of Marsh Harriers and a vast flock of Pink-footed Geese, but no Hooded Crows or Raven. After an hour or so, I walked back to the Nelson's Head: a flock of twenty or so Tundra Beans flew northwards towards Waxham. Accordingly, I followed in the car, stopping to watch a couple of distant Cranes (and say hello to visiting birders Bob and Norman!) I couldn't relocate the Beans, so retraced my route back towards Horsey: as I passed Poplar Farm I noticed the Raven flying north along the dunes. I couldn't stop until Walnut Tree Farm, but, by the time I turned round and drove back, the bird had dropped down. And so home to batten down the metaphorical hatches!

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