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Friday, 14 February 2020

Valentine's Day: breakfast at a new restaurant in Norwich

Well: new to us! Having exchanged gifts, Linda and I were in Norwich before nine, intending to enjoy a romantic breakfast at one of our usual haunts. As we walked down London Street, however, we noticed that the recently-opened Ivy House was open and not too busy, so we thought we'd give it a try.

As you can see below: the décor is absolutely tremendous, but that is surpassed by the service and quality of the food. Our poached eggs in hollandaise sauce, halloumi, avocado, mushroom and so on was probably the best veggie  breakfast we have ever been offered.

As we returned to the car we noticed another addition to Norwich's already excellent merchandising opportunities: Montezuma's, a brand new chocolate shop. I treated Linda to some delightful dark chocolates and then enjoyed their amazing edible panorama of Norwich!



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