Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Old-fashioned manners!

Haven't had a rant for ages: must be getting old and mellow! But I've become increasingly frustrated recently at the lack of courtesy displayed by some fellow-bloggers, so here goes!

I really enjoy reading other people's blogs, especially those from areas of the UK that I visit regularly or frequently: I find them a great resource for planning day-trips and holidays. The several Yare Valley blogs are absolutely fascinating, particularly those of assiduous local patchers like Ben, James, Steve & Jim. I also regularly check the strangely frenetic blog of Ms Clarke: it's an eclectic mixture of bird news, family crises, diet advice and Michael Jackson fandom that is, frankly, compulsive! A birding version of Eastenders!

Now and then I e-mail or message bloggers whose output I think people who visit my page might enjoy, or who write about areas I know well, suggesting a reciprocal link. On a selfish level, a link on my blog would make it easier for me to retrieve theirs if I'm using a computer that doesn't have my favourites on. It is incredible how few of them bother to acknowledge or reply....

One or two of these are quite well-known personalities: it's possible they get dozens of similar messages. (although that doesn't preclude a reply, I wouldn't have thought!) Other blogs are not: they are often low-hit local blogs in areas I visit: I'm always very flattered to discover someone actually looks at my outpourings and always reply to pms or e-mails: but apparently I'm in the minority!

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