Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Mediterranean delight and a pair of Buteos!

The weather forecast promised a couple of hours decent weather this morning, so I met Brian at Strumpshaw just as the rain stopped. Still lots of flooding, so we walked along the riverbank, out onto the low road and along to Buckenham. The most unusual thing we saw was Eddie Myers, well off his usual beaten track! He showed us a Peregrine perched in a tree: later this became a pair hunting over the marshes. Still a few Whitefronts and Wigeon and three Taigas flew in over the station.

Walking back we saw a Buzzard over Hassingham Church, then a pair displaying by the reserve back gate.

Brian went back to the reserve and I carried on to Thorpe Green, where almost the first bird I saw was the confiding 1st Winter Med Gull. Much more timid than the Black-headed and Common Gulls, it did sneak in and nab a few bits of bread!

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