Friday, 9 January 2015

Swans, Cranes & Geese: an East Coast mop-up!

Having a spare hour, and being conscious of the appalling weather forecast for the weekend, I decided to nip over to Ludham to photograph the wild Swans (before someone claims they escaped from their garden pond!)

A nice mixed flock of Whoopers and Bewick's was feeding fairly near the road, and I managed a few photos despite the wind. I then moved on to Waxham, where every field seemed full of Pinkfeet: there were literally thousands all along the route!

On the way home, I came across a group of Cranes just north of Acle: I parked off the road and walked back and would've got some really good images if the d*ckheads that drove by had refrained from sounding their horns! As the first group flew off calling, two more joined them from the north. All six circled before landing south of the road out of sight.

A stop at Halvergate Bridge produced just a Kestrel....

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