Monday, 20 April 2015

Sugar Town Scaup!

Such a lovely day that I couldn't bear to stay in, so, after the Post Office, I drove to Cantley BF and checked in at the security office. I was 001 - always a good sign!

As I walked through the factory I could hear both Peregrines calling: sure enough they were perched high up on two chimneys, disdaining the lovely platform that's been built for them! I watched them for a while, both preening and in display flight.

By the river I came across a delightful Treecreeper: always a joy to see well. The water levels in the settling pools were too high for waders, but, hoping for a Garganey, I scanned them for ducks. To my surprise one of the female Tufted Ducks seemed to be a Scaup. A pleasant bonus and a new bird for the patch! Along one of the wide paths a Fox stopped to check me out...

Whitethroats, Reed & Sedge Warblers were everywhere and - final surprise - a White Stork flew over westwards. I followed it to Cantley Marsh and Buckenham, but it hadn't touched down.


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