Friday, 18 March 2016

Bill Oddie's 'The Big Bird Race'

I wonder if anyone out there in Blogland can help!

Years ago (1986!) I took over from birding personality Bill Urwin as Head of KS2 at a Norfolk primary school. I think the main reasons I got the job were:

1) I looked like him (beard, longish hair etc)
2) I was / am a keen birder

He had recently taken part in a televised 24-hour bird race (with seven other well-known birders) which was shown on Channel 4. I bought the book about this event as soon as it came out and have since been given lots of additional copies by friends / kids I taught / relatives stuck for an appropriate gift etc.

Reading this book was a major factor in myself, Bob Walker, Martin Read and Linda assembling a team (which we named 'The Cley Casuals') to participate in three national bird races: we came 1st, 2nd and equal first! I have, however, never seen the video. I once contacted Bill Urwin and even he didn't have a copy.

If anyone reading this knows of an available copy on VHS or DVD, I'd be most grateful!


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