Monday, 11 April 2016

Nice bits and pieces in the garden!

I seem to have come down with yet another cold: I felt absolutely dreadful all weekend. Nevertheless, one never works so hard as when one works for oneself, so I was up and about by 6.00am, putting together a couple of biggish meteorite orders for commercial customers.

The great thing is that my office looks out on the garden on two sides, so even though I was chained to the desk, I still enjoyed a couple of birdy moments!

First of these was our regular cock Pheasant, with two of his ever-growing harem: I'd really miss him if he stopped coming! Next a delightful little Goldcrest came to bathe and drink in the cascade by the side of our garden pond: always a thrill to watch one so closely.

Last interesting bird was a Skylark, flight-calling over the field at the end of the garden. I saw it before I heard it, but was anticipating the event after our neighbours Peter and Sue reported they'd seen one over the weekend. This is the first Skylark I've seen here for four years!

If anyone in the Blofield / Upton area is free and / or interested, I've been asked to give a presentation on 'Photographing the birds of East Norfolk' at Upton Village Hall on Wednesday: it starts at 10.00am!


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