Tuesday, 31 May 2016

A crepuscular Osprey!

Chris, a regular reader of the blog, was kind enough to tip me off that the Osprey is still hanging around the mid-Yare valley, and messaged me that he'd seen it at dusk last night. Despite the vile weather, I thought I might as well take a look, and settled down in Fen Hide by 8.00pm. I have to say, I was a little 'surprised' to read on the sightings sheet that the Osprey had been watched fishing both this afternoon and for the past three days! I seem to have mistimed my visits: but it'd have been nice to have been let in on the secret!

Anyhow: by 8.50 there was no sign, just lots of pre-roosting Marsh Harriers wheeling around in the murk. With the camera on 'night scene' and 3200 ISO, I took a couple of photos to check how grainy they'd be, then left for home. As I reached the junction of Sandy Path and Fen Hide path, I glanced right in time to see the Osprey flying west along the river, disappearing behind the scrub before I had a chance of a record shot. I ran towards the river ( well: waddled, really!) and picked the bird up distantly towards Tower Scrape: one shot was all I managed, because the camera kept hunting in and out of focus :(

Still: perhaps it'll summer in the valley, allowing everyone to get a decent view.



chris said...

Hi David. Your photo of the Osprey is as good as Kevin got. He has cleaned it up photo shopping it made it a lot brighter, it was very distant towards the fen hide when we spotted it. Glad you got to see it

David said...

Cheers Chris!
I'm sure the Osprey will allow better views to us sooner or later...