Saturday, 28 May 2016

Excellent Odonata and the first 'fizz'on the new patio!

Our excellent builder Ian (and his hard-working mate Richard) finished the patio today, allowing Linda and me to:
1) dive out to Strumpshaw in case the Osprey came in to fish late afternoon
2) enjoy our first barbecue on the new patio.

I should say, the Osprey that has visited the Fen over the past couple of days twice flew over our house this week: only best mate Martin saw it, but hopefully it will hang around in the Yare Valley for a few weeks...

No Osprey at the Fen, but it was good to bump into Andrew 'Harrassed Dad' from BF as well as Dot and Steve. Lots of excellent damsels and dragons, including Hairy Hawker and Scarce Chaser.

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