Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Little Terns, Hobbies and Marsh Harriers...

I decided on a short run around in the morning sunshine which ultimately turned into a six mile trudge around Strumpshaw and Winterton.

My initial; reason for visiting the Fen was to see if last night's RBS had hung around: it hadn't! No sign of any marsh terns, either, but close views of a few Marsh Harriers and Hares and more distant ones of a Hobby.

I decided to visit Winterton to see if the easterlies and rain had dropped any migrants: they hadn't! I did enjoy watching the Little Terns displaying with sand eels: quite amusing to watch them waggling these little offerings in front of a potential partner, If their advances were rejected, they ate them themselves!

On the way home I stopped off at Horsey, Filby and Beighton, but no sign of anything interesting, apart from a few Buzzards and another Hobby.

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