Tuesday, 24 May 2016

White Stork fiasco and return of the Hedgehog!

The White Stork was back on its favoured flooded meadow by the A47 today: it's definitely unringed. It (or another White Stork) was on the deck near Burgh St Peter, just a few kilometres away. Strange thing: both are shown on the same RBA map, but the Suffolk one is not labelled as an escape, while the Norfolk one is! Where's the logic in that? I noticed the other day that the long-staying Wrentham Black Kite - a known falconer's escape - was on the map with no caveat about its origin!

At home, the young Hedgehog continues to visit the garden, and seems to enjoy the dog food we put out for him as well as some of the bird seed!



Steve Smith said...

Always worth putting your pics on screen then zoom in on legs. I had what I thought was an unringed stork on the Acle straight a couple of years ago until I zoomed in and saw a tiny red ring just above the knee! Why it had been put on at all I have no idea.

David said...

Wise words, Steve: it's just that every Stork I've found in an extensive Google search is ringed above the 'knee': the one in my photos is definitely unringed.
Just for info, here's a link to a similar discussion a couple of years ago:

Steve Smith said...

Yep, can't see a ring on that one :-)