Saturday, 21 May 2016

White Stork

Although any White Stork in Norfolk is immediately dismissed as an escape from Thrigby, this one seems totally unringed. A beautiful bird, whatever! Amazingly, there was a convenient place to park and turn round right by the flooded meadow where the Stork was feeding!

(Perhaps someone would like to explain why this Stork in the Yare Valley is labelled 'escaped' on RBA, while one in the Wensum Valley today isn't! I think it was Peter Allard who pointed out recently that the Thrigby Storks are ringed....)

The people on the train had a good view!


chris said...

Hi David. Had a look at the Stork last night after work. It was in the company of a little egret. Lovely looking bird it is

David said...

Excellent stuff Chris! I'd've loved to have seen it with the Egret!