Monday, 1 May 2017

Cattle Egret at Halvergate

It's been a busy three days for Linda and me: lots of work to catch up with for Linda before she retires in the summer, while I have a writing project and lots of meteorite orders to keep me occupied. However, since it's May Bank Holiday today, we thought we deserved a break and headed out to Halvergate to see if last week's Cattle Egret was still around

At first things didn't seem promising, but then I spotted the bird flying distantly across the grazing marsh (too far for photos!) We took a stroll along a footpath that seemed to be leading in the right direction, but soon realised there was a couple of dykes that would preclude any kind of approach. As we walked back to the car we spotted the Egret returning to last year's favoured part of the marsh. The heat haze was ferocious (despite the cold wind) so the photos weren't up to much: still - a nice bird to see in the Yare Valley.

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