Thursday, 4 May 2017

White-tailed Eagle at Buckenham

Glancing at the RBA map after supper last night, I was amazed to see that the WTE that Linda and I saw - and informed people of - at Whitlingham Lane had spent some time pre-roost at Buckenham. Given the use that other bloggers and birders make of the photos and observations I put up here most days, it might have been nice to have received a phone call or e-mail!

I had lots to do today (including taking my K3 back to Wex for repair) but decided I'd have an early bash at the Eagle, arriving at Buckenham at about 8.00am. Some old birding acquaintances were already on site, and had seen the bird in a tree by the railway line. Unfortunately a guy with a bridge camera had flushed it and it was not visible when I arrived. A few of us took a walk along the riverbank and we were half way to the wind pump when the Eagle reappeared, flapping low towards Cantley. Although distant, it was a terrific bird to see..

I thought it might be worth a drive to Cantley, so I navigated the back lanes and parked by the Bowling Club. Following a quick walk along the concrete track, I met a local couple who'd found the Eagle perched on a gate. Realising that the Burnt House Road track was a little closer, we walked round and joined a few other familiar faces. (NB: don't leave your car on Burnt House Road! There's ample  parking nearby!)

After an hour watching the Eagle being harassed by crows, it showed no sign of flying, so I left to go and vote!


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